Major R&D
Incineration Technology
Increasing and enhancing of incineration efficiency
Waste gasification technology
Water-cooled grate development
Efficiency improvement for SNCR, SCR, SDR
Sludge Drying Technology
Research on improving thermal efficiency and securing safety of dryers
Development of high efficiency dryer
Development of dryer explosion prevention technology
Development of AI dryer operation technology
Recalcitrant industrial wastewater treatment technology
Research on efficiency improvement method for the treatment of recalcitrant industrial wastewater such as cutting oil, degreasing liquid, and electro-deposition liquid generated in the automobile production process
Development of advanced processing methods such as A2O and MLE
Development of biological decomposition technology such as food wastewater, livestock wastewater, and sewage sludge
High yield propylene manufacturing process
Developed high yield propylene manufacturing process jointly with Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology, Hyosung, Hankyung University
R&D Project sponsored by Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy
Development of isothermal reaction process for propylene synthesis
Catalyst development, synthesis process development, catalyst regeneration technology development
Biohydrogen production process wastewater treatment technology
Developed wastewater treatment technology generated from hydrogen production process using microorganisms
R&D Project sponsored by Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries
Development of optimum treatment technology for wastewater generated in a microbiological reactor
Wastewater treatment process design based on SBR process