Management Philosophy
Management Philosophy
Our happiness begins with customers' happiness. In other words, customer's happiness is the source of our happiness. We promise to do our best to make our customers happy. We are proud of our workplace and our works. So we are certain that we can satisfy your needs. LOTUS exists to bring value to our employees and our customers.
Company Precept
It is said that honesty is the mirror of the soul and the truth is the most powerful in the world. A dishonest person, a dishonest company, cannot be acknowledged by anyone because they cannot gain trust. Above all, for those of us who value trust, we will not be able to be together unless we are honest. Fair is fair and right. Fair is also the desire of everyone. Therefore, all work and evaluation must be fair. A fair evaluation of our hard-working and good-performing employees and organizations will motivate and enable the best performance.
If you are satisfied with the present and follow the old practice, there can be no development. We are creating a new history with a spirit of inquiry for newness that is better than the present. The spirit of challenge is the driving force behind the growth and development of a company. A challenging spirit that is progressive is our precious value.
If all of our employees cooperate with each other, and do with our customers and our partners, we can create synergistic effects of ten or hundred times, and create an exciting workplace. But if you don't, you won't be able to achieve results or your goals.